Welcome to the site of David Moignard Illustrator, and Artist based near Petersfield, Hampshire.


David creates paintings, mostly in watercolour, exploring particular areas of the surreal using elements of nature and animal forms.


David studied commercial art and design at Bournemouth College of Art. Eventually becoming a freelance Illustrator and designer, David now 

runs courses in several locations, focussing mainly on watercolours. He has many years experience as a tutor and additionally is available to give technique demonstrations to local art groups and societies. 

Commissions welcome.



The above paintings are some from a series entitled 'Nonesuch Trees'  and  from left to right are:  'Constant Variety'  'Nocturne'  'Winter Tree'  'Chilli Tree'  'Christmas in the Wilderness' and 'Autumn Harvest' These form part of a larger group: Nonesuch Varieties which explores the idea of  an abundance of the improbable - something not to be found in nature.